12 Week Program

Strategy & Support to help you overcome the obstacles you are facing and create the life you long for and deserve.

This program creates a strong foundation on which to build the life you long for, by acknowledging that we can change the structure of our brain (neuroplasticity) by developing healthy thought patterns and habits.


By changing our mindset, and by continuously exercising our brains, we can achieve lasting results.



The program is tailored to fit each person’s unique needs. To do this, we will draw from the following units:


-    Let’s assess your present situation; physical, emotional, spiritual and work. 

What is working? What needs to change?

-    We all need a support system - let’s Map Your Support together.

-    What are you passionate about in this stage of your life? Decide which areas of your life to focus on and improve first. Set goals that make you excited and passionate about your life.

-    Planning is required to achieve your goals. Set your goals, set milestones to motivate you and build your confidence. Develop new practices that will exercise your brain and enable you to form lasting habits.

-    Look at the 6 human needs of the personality and how you can best meet them and make every day easier.

-    Your beliefs can help you or limit your success. Let’s identify your core beliefs and their origin. Identify your self-limiting beliefs and reframe them with positive beliefs to support and sustain you.

-    Find your happiness switch and experience happiness every day – happiness is a destination, not a journey. 

-    Learning mindfulness practices to enable you to focus on the present and not worry about things you cannot control. 

-    We all want to use our strengths, but do we know what our real strengths are? Let’s find out how you can work in your strengths to save time and energy, both mental and physical.

-    Choose options for your life that align with your values. Bring more enjoyment and satisfaction into your life.

-    Recreate the first impression people have of you: who I am now, and who I want to be.

-    You know The Story of Your Life up to this point. Let’s explore the idea that your life is made up of repeating cycles and that your brain needs to be rewired to move forward in positive cycles. This is your opportunity for you to write The Story of the Rest of your Life.


My 12 week program includes the following:

- 3, 60 minute, 1-1 sessions per month, with a consolidation period at the end of each month

- Email support between sessions.

- My commitment to help you, in every way I can, to move forward in the life you long for and deserve.

- A comprehensive manual to guide you through the program and for you to record your personal strategy. Your manual will continue to be a source of support long beyond the course.