Coping with an invisible illness

Learn to communicate with people who do not understand your needs.  Discovering yourself; not defined by your limitations. Expanding your horizons, while coping one day at a time. Lifting your spirits when you get weary.

The Healing Journey

Together we will focus on the following aspects of your life:

- Regaining control of your life by nurturing your spiritual and personal needs and learning coping skills.

- Learning the best way to communicate your needs and building your support system. 

- Allowing you to celebrate small victories and being kind to yourself

- Knowing what your self-limiting beliefs are enables you to work in your strengths. 

- Having the energy to plan and reach your personal goals.

Coaching Format

One on one weekly sessions with me tailored to your specific needs, as well as email and messaging support between sessions.

Work with me through my comprehensive 12 week program…