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I empower women who feel unfulfilled with their life, by helping them to believe they have what it takes to live their best life.

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  • WHO AM I?

    In 2006, while living in Botswana, I had a serious illness; I don’t remember those first 3 or 4 months, I just knew I was lucky to be alive. I mourned the loss of all the things I used to be able to do; everything that made me ‘who I am’.


    The most important thing I learned, and it’s something I want you to take hold of as well, is that, even though I could no longer DO all the things I used to be able to do, I was still ME.


    My purpose in life is to encourage you to forget the sentence the doctors handed down to you and to help you make your life better and your future brighter. Do you want to build a new life as the precious person you are? Let me walk with you, encourage you, pick you up when you fall, cheer you on and celebrate YOU!

    "I am not what happens to me,

    I am what I choose to become."


    ~ Carl Custav Jung...


    Whether the pain you are living with is physical or emotional, I can help you to cope with your pain and to find meaning and purpose for your life once again. I am here to help you recognize that you are valuable; I can empower you to live a productive and fulfilled life once again.

    Living with chronic pain

    Enable you with different ways to do things you once did easily, but which are now unmanageable. Managing your pain while focusing on your personal development. Lifting you up to rise above the chronic pain that is weighing you down.

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    Dealing with inner hurt

    Provide you with support while you work through the process of grieving. When you are ready to pick yourself up again, I will provide strategy and support to help you work out what you want your life to look like. Provide ongoing assistance as you move forward.

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    Coping with an invisible illness

    Learn to communicate with people who do not understand your needs. Discovering yourself; not defined by your limitations. Expanding your horizons, while coping one day at a time. Lifting your spirits when you get weary.


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    “ More often than not, it is the experiences of life that mould us. To take this mould and produce fruit from it, comes from great teachings. These teachings provide us with the tools required to make the best of our moulds.” – Jacki 


    As a complex and confused, yet creative and worldly experienced human being, Clair was able to ground me. She Identified the basic elements concealed by a gazillion years of drama. Made it easy for me to define my goals and the means to achieve them.. We cannot reach our goals if we don’t know exactly what they are and don’t stay focussed on them.


    I cannot thank Clair enough for her patience, knowledge and insight.


    ~ Jacki


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    The sooner you will be able to find new strenght and overcome exhaustion.

    The easier it will be to make the necessary changes to refocus and move your life forward with confidence.

    The sooner you can find relief from you pain.


    Thank you for visiting my site. Please feel free to contact me, I am here and happy to assist. 


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